Industrial scaffolding

Industrial scaffolding represent a special trade within scaffolding. Special demands, environment and tasks characterise it, compared to "normal" facade scaffolding. There are only a handful of scaffolder companies who can comply.

Use of modular scaffolding systems

Industrial scaffolding means erecting access platforms for other trades in operating industrial plants (new greenfield investment is a relatively rare exception). The scaffolds are much smaller, but uncomparingly more complex than in case of facade scaffolds. The frame scaffold systems developed for facade works are not flexible enough for this kind of task - modular systems are to be used. The modular systems are more flexible, but more expensive and require sophisticated skills to erect as well. In case of facade systems 15-20 type of element are used, in case of modular systems scaffolds built from more than 100 type of element can occur as well.

Safe and responsible work practices

In industrial environment the H&S standards are much higher than in the construction projects. New risks emerge, such as poisonous gases, liquids, high temperature pipelines can be found in the work environment.

Scaffolding under tight deadlines

The erection times are much longer in the industrial scaffolding than in the normal construction scaffolding. Inside a boiler unit or in between the two spheres of a tank the works can be conducted much slower compared to normal environments. Nevertheless the deadlines are more tight as the power plants and petrochemical plants have to start exactly on time.
In the industrial sector the cost of not proper scaffolding is very high, eg. a late starting of the plant due to non professional provider can cost a fortune. All in all not necessarily the cheapest scaffolder is the best pick.


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